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      Zhengzhou Kaixue Refrigeration Equipments Co., Ltd.

      Island Freezer

      Refrigeration Appliances
      Island Freezer

        Offer Type: Sell

        Offer Category: Refrigeration Appliances  -  Island Freezer

        Offer Post Time: 2011-06-29

        Serial Code:



        Carriage: FOB China


        Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

        Price: 0.00 USD

        Detailed Product Description

        Hot selling island freezer
        Exported around the world and well received
        Famous brand compressor and parts
        Two years warranty

        Hot selling island freezer

        Key Features:

        The front side using three-ply hollow toughened glass with excellent heat preservation effect and display effect.
        Adopts toughened, film-coating ,hot reflex transparent glass moving door, which can prevent condensation
        Efficient refrigeration compressor, energy-saving, fast refrigeration
        Streamline modelling, luxurious design, looks beautiful and elegant