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      Zhengzhou Kaixue Refrigeration Equipments Co., Ltd.

      Island Freezer

      Refrigeration Appliances
      Island Freezer

        Offer Type: Sell

        Offer Category: Refrigeration Appliances  -  Island Freezer

        Offer Post Time: 2011-06-29

        Serial Code:



        Carriage: FOB China


        Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

        Price: 0.00 USD

        Detailed Product Description

        Latest design island freezer
        Exported worldwide
        three-ply hollow toughened glass
        Transparent sliding door

        latest design island freezer

         Key Features:

        Refrigeration and cold storage two temperature conversion
        Freeze strongly, five sides cooling coil, fast refrigeration
        Large capacity design, can be instead of samll refrigeration store , convenient and practical
        Adopts toughened, film-coating ,hot reflex transparent glass door which can prevent condensation and insulate the heat, the display effect is very good.
        Streamline design, looks luxurious and elegant
        Style and color can be flexible customization