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      Zhengzhou Kaixue Refrigeration Equipments Co., Ltd.

      Island Freezer

      Refrigeration Appliances
      Island Freezer

        Offer Type: Sell

        Offer Category: Refrigeration Appliances  -  Island Freezer

        Offer Post Time: 2011-06-29

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        Carriage: FOB China


        Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

        Price: 0.00 USD

        Detailed Product Description

        1.Island freezer
        2.famous brand compressor
        3.configurating night curtain
        4.micro-computer controller
         hotselling Island freezer

        Key features:

        Adopt three layers optimizing air curtain to reduce the heat and moisture exchange between the interior and exterior effectively. Fast cooling, equal temperature, lower refrigeration consumption.
        Famous brand high efficience rotating and horizontal type compressor unit, stable performance, power saving, lower height
        High efficience copper evaporator and imported Danfoss thermostatic expansion value, strong refirgeration, reducing energy consumption
        Toughened hollow glass, high intensity and safety with superior display effect
        Configurating night cover or night curtain to be energy-saving and ensuring foods hygiene
        Micro-computer temperature controller with digital display which monitor the operation intelligently